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La creación del kit CARGObag surge de una necesidad, la de protegerte a TI Y A TU VEHICULO al transportar cargas que por sus características son nocivas. Mercancías que dañan y ensucian el interior de la furgoneta o coche y te perjudican al respirarlas o al tener contacto con ellas, ej:

1. Construction: the dust of materials such as plaster, cement, etc., remains floating in the interior and part of it goes to the lungs of the passengers while the rest lands in the upholstery of both the roof and the seats where they no longer it goes.

2. Painting: pool products, etc., in addition to the stains they cause in case of overturning or being poorly closed, produce gases that are highly harmful to health if exposed to them in places without ventilation, as is the case of the passenger compartment. the vehicles; since both in cold winter and in summer because of the air conditioning the windows of the same remain closed.

3. Insects: if you transport pruning, firewood, etc., both eventually and periodically it is inevitable that insects invade your vehicle. With CARGObag you can transport this type of load in bulk in your private car as well as in the working one without bugs like spiders, ants, worms, scorpions, etc … inside.

4. Agricultural: in this type of activity it is common to have to transport products such as herbicides and insecticides and these produce as much dust in suspension (as in the case of sulfur) as gases in and splashes that remain inside any area that is not protected. In these types of cases, the danger of breathing these substances, such as contact through the skin, is very high and is inevitable in any vehicle that is not perfectly separated from the cargo area.

5. Removals: waste, etc., you can turn any vehicle into an ideal one to load anything that could damage it using the right bag for the activity.

6. Pets: the transport of our pets is usually a turning point in the state of our car, both by the hair and the smell they leave. This usually affects people with allergies who can not find a way to finish cleaning the hairs and dandruff particles, which contain the allergens formed in the secretions of the sebaceous and salivary glands. This is unavoidable from the first day that an animal goes up to a vehicle and the only way to avoid it 100% is using the device.