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“P.T.H. Through its engineers it has managed to develop a product that is assembled in less than four minutes and dismantled into one “


1. Telescopic arcs in abs (material similar to pvc but more resistant)

They measure 10 centimeters wide and are provided with Velcro on the inner side of them. These arches are fully adjusted to the cargo area of ​​the van or car by means of a telescopic and locking system that presses them into the cargo area. The number of them varies depending on the length of the area of ​​the rear part of the vehicle, not being less than two. They act as support for the protective bag.


2. Telescopic arcs in abs (material similar to pvc but more resistant)

Its volume covers the area to be loaded and the entire area delimited by the arches, provided with bands on its outer side susceptible to adhering to the velcro of the arches.


Los usos de CARGObag

DOMESTIC USE: Sack of light reflective material with raffia floor. Ideal for a non-aggressive use. This bag is waterproof and allows cleaning both with water and with the vacuum cleaner. Its greatest virtue is to avoid stains, keep the load cool and prevent your belongings from being visible.

USE PETS: bag of reflective material of sunlight and raffia floor provided with ventilation grilles.

INDUSTRIAL: fully plastic and reinforced raffia bag, totally waterproof, designed for intensive use in very aggressive activities such as masonry, painting, swimming pools, hunting, yesaire, blacksmithing, gardening, agricultural, electricity, plumbing, etc.

THERMAL: sack of thermal material and raffia floor, totally waterproof and with insulating properties. Designed for use in transportation of food, plants, natural beers, and other cargoes that are sensitive to sudden changes in both high and cold temperatures.

DISPOSABLE: completely opaque 600 gauge plastic bag. designed for eventual use in which the load leaves the odor or stain bag difficult to clean. This sack also, like the whole range, has the property of not showing the load that is transported. An example of this use can be the transport of hunting pieces (very fragrant), fishing or sports equipment such as diving, skiing, etc.