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What are Cookies and how are Cookies used in CARGObag?

While you browse Cargobag.es, either by computer, tablet or mobile device, the website you use installs Cookies, these serve to collect information about your visit. We use Cookies to:

– Ensure the proper functioning of the web.

– Store your preferences so you do not have to select them each time.

– Improve your browsing experience.

– Collect completely anonymous statistical information.

Cookies, in a few words, allow us to improve the user experience in navigation, adapting information and services to your preferences.

Under no circumstances Cookies may be used to collect personal information, all data provided are associated with a user and your computer anonymously. At any time the user can change the settings of Cookies in their browser or mobile application, however, the quality of services in terms of browsing the web will be adversely affected.

Registered users can customize the services and accommodate their preferences using the information in the register and stored in Cookies to get a more comfortable and efficient navigation.

With our “newsletters” we want you to receive information of real interest for you and that is why we use tools that allow us to know if the emails have been read or not, on what date and the IP address from which they have been read. We use this information to improve our email service, with the aim of improving and offering more relevant information adapted to each user. [/ Vc_column_text]

How important are they? Cookies? </ strong>

Cookies allow us to streamline user navigation within our website, offering a memory system that remembers the language, currency and other options that the user prefers. Second, they are also used to enhance the evolution of the web, to get a better, more useful and pleasant site for the user. Cookies also serve to establish levels of security and protection for the user and the website itself against cyber attacks. Finally, these also serve to show advertisements of interest to each user while browsing the internet. [/ Vc_column_text]

What Cookies uses CARGObag? </ Strong>

Cookies are installed when we open the web page and once we leave it, these are automatically deleted from our computer, that is, they are only active during our browsing through the specific website. There are also permanent Cookies, these are deleted manually or once their objective is fulfilled and they serve, for example, so that we do not have to write the password every time we visit a web page in which we are registered.

In addition, on our website you can find two different types of Cookies, our own and those of third parties. Our own are those that we use to improve our website and the interaction with users, those of third parties are, for example, Cookies related to the links to social networks that you will find on our website, we do not have access to the information that collect these Cookies and are completely managed by third parties. [/ vc_column_text]

While browsing Cargobag.es you can find the following types of Cookies: </ strong>

REGISTER They appear when a new user is registered or they log in with an existing account.
  • Keep the user registered even if the browser or computer is closed.
  • It allows access to areas specifically for users.
ANALITYCS They accumulate anonymous statistical information about the browsing experience of users on our website.
  • This information helps us to improve the user experience and to give a better service.
  • Recognize new or repeat users.
  • Know which are the most viewed contents and count the number of visits.
ADVERTISING They collect information related to CARGObag ads on other websites.
  • It allows to adapt the advertising content to the device that the user uses.
  • Remarketing.
  • Adwords.

On the Cargobag website there are connectors to social networks, they use registers and a permanent Cookie with the objective of not having to register each time you connect. By using the social registry, you authorize the use of the permanent Cookie, it can be deleted and the permissions revoked in the social network settings. [/ Vc_column_text]

How are Cookies configured?

By entering and continuing browsing Cargobag.es you are accepting the use of Cookies and our policy of these. Our Cookies policy is offered at the time of registration because we want our users to be 100% informed and we do not have any problem in deciding to exercise their right to block or eliminate the use of Cookies at any time.

Most browsers allow the blocking of Cookies and our website is perfectly functional without them, however, if there are some features of our online site that may be limited without the use of Cookies and user satisfaction may be seen limited.

Below we provide a list of links to the main browsers so you can see all the information on how to manage Cookies:
Internet Explorer:
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